Our services


Put your best foot forward, everyday.

Everyday: Whether it is a sweater, pants or coats, we can make it look like new again. We will pay special attention to any stains. Then each item is laundered or dry cleaned according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. We review each article at all five steps in our quality assurance process and hand finish every piece. We even provide services for leather and suede. Bring your everyday items to WVLGC and we will make them extraordinary. Angelina and Jenna, at our front counter, will gladly assist you, each having four years and two years experience, respectively.

Table linens

A table to be proud of.

Table linens: Bring us your everyday and heirloom table linens, such as napkins, table cloths, runners and place mats. Our linens expert, who brings pride of workmanship to every item, will double check every item for stains before we clean it to make sure we are addresssing every problem area before we launder it. The water used in the washing process is double filtered to ensure it is extra pure. We also offer a variety of folding and hanging options. Trust your linens to WVLGC for a table that is set to impress at your next event. Specialist: Lubna, 35 years experience.

Bed linens

Look forward to the end of your day.

Bed linens: Sheets and pillowcases can be kept safe from the harsh treatment of home washing machines when cleaned at WVLGC. We take special care of natural fibre, high thread count sheet sets. All items are checked for stains before they are laundered. We hand finish each item to eliminate those last wrinkles and deliver them to you clean and pressed, hung and wrapped. Your sheets will be soft and smooth, and your bed as inviting as a high end retreat. Pamper yourself to a restful haven at the end of the day. Specialist: Lubna, 35 years experience.

Duvet covers

Warm and cozy never looked so good.

Duvet covers: Wrap yourself in a cozy duvet cover, comforter or blanket that has the touch of luxury. These items often cannot be laundered properly at home and require professional cleaning services. We check all items for stains and treat them carefully before cleaning. Each item is wet cleaned with highly-filtered water and carefully hand finished, with special attention to design details such as embroidery and tassels. Repair work is completed on items such as loose buttons. Your bed will feel soft, be fresh, and look crisp. Specialist: Lubna, 35 years experience.


Slumber in luxury.

Pillows: Pillows require expertise and WVLGC has the specialists on staff that can rejuvenate your pillow. Each pillow is reviewed under the five step quality assurance process for stains, and ultraviolet lights are used to clean the down in pillows. For pillows that have lost some down, the pillow is re-stuffed with more down or feathers. If the outer shell is worn, we will replace it with a new case. If you have invested in a good pillow, and are passionate about a comfortable bed, then this is the care it deserves. Specialist: Mona, 20 years experience.


Smooth as silk.

Silks: From ties to blouses, dresses to jackets, WVLGC has the expertise to clean all silk garments. Silk requires expert handling to help maintain its luxurious finish. Each item is carefully inspected for stains through our five step quality assurance process. We de-lint every item to eliminate pilling and then dry clean in net bags to protect. Garments are then pressed and hand finished. They will be returned to you smooth, soft and wrinkle free having been given the unique care that this delicate fabric requires to restore its beauty and luxury. Specialist: Al, 35 years experience.