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Our Environmental Commitment

We work to reduce our environmental impact through
a variety of initiatives.

Choosing safer products and processes not only is the right environmental choice, it protects our staff and ensures a cleaner world for generations to come.


This commitment means that we are always searching for new, more effective and efficient equipment, products and processes. In fact, our equipment is replaced every three years and the products used at West Van Lions Gate Cleaners are safe enough to be used on children’s clothing.


Environmentally friendly
products and processes


Waste and recycling: We focus on taking care of the waste and by-products of our cleaning to sure
it has the least possible impact on the environment.


This includes:

Disposal of solvent residue and filters through a certified third party company


Recycling used cleaning solvents, packaging and hangers and anything else that can be recycled!


Purchasing new top of the line equipment to ensure low-impact operation


Charging a small environmental fee on each order to continually invest in smart environmental practices


Poly bags: Every finished item is put into a biodegradable poly bag.
These bags start to break down in 30 days. Please remember to take items out of the bags
once you get them home to reduce the risk of yellowing your clothing in the biodegrading process.

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